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Hey dolls...

My name is Christina, owner of Pressed for Press Ons, and welcome to the Pressed for Press Ons website. Pressed for Press Ons is an affordable press on nail brand  that offers cute & reusable press on nails, the brand Pressed for Press Ons  was started in 2020 because I have always loved nails & having my nails done but lets face it going to a salon can get expensive so I decided to start doing own nails to save time & most importantly money thus Pressed for Press Ons was created to offer salon quality press on nails at a below salon quality price, perfect for any college student, mother, teacher and any nail lover in between who wants cute nails but dosen't wanna break their bank for a cute manicure . So subscribe  to the site through email or by texting the number +1 443-550-7235 to stay up to date with us as there are more sets to come!

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